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            1. 中文
              CALL US:+86-10-68395208

              China Kunlun Contracting and Engineering Corporation (CKCEC), whose predecessor is China Textile Industrial Engineering Institute (CTIEI), was founded  in September, 1952 and used to be the only large survey and engineering unit under Ministry of Textile Industry.


              CTIEI was restructured and merged into China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) in July, 2007 and has become CNPC’s fully-capitalized subsidiary ever since.


              In addition, Daqing Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd, Liaoyang Branch Company of CNPC Engineering Design Co., Ltd joined CKCEC at the same time.


              CKCEC holds various top-grade qualification certificates for engineering consultation, engineering design, engineering survey, project supervision, construction cost, project contracting and environment engineering.  Also obtained are certificates for ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and etc. The Company also possesses state-of-art network platform and application system and data base for engineering design, project management.


              CKCEC has accomplished engineering and construction for over three thousand (3,000) large- and medium-scale petrochemical, coal-based chemical, synthetic material, chemical fiber/textile, environment engineering and civil architecture projects. Nowadays these plants are scattering over thirty (30) countries and regions in the world. Further, CKCEC has won over three hundred (300) various awards.


              Privacy Statement|Legal|Contact us © 2007-2013 CKCEC


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